1.Use of vehicle


Users registered vehicles must comply with the laws of the state and local traffic.
Vehicle users not enrolled:
They must move through the areas expressly authorized in the permit. They should drive with care and caution to avoid personal or other damage, avoid endangering other road users, respecting the preference of pedestrians and maintaining a minimum safety distance of 1.5 meters with these. They may not exceed the speed of 25 km / h speed adecuaran passage to pedestrians in the spaces dedicated to them. Circulated to maintain a minimum separation of 1 meter facade of buildings. They suspend the circulation spaces reserved for pedestrians at times of high density, agglomeration or where it is not possible to keep the 1.5 meter separation between vehicles and pedestrians or circular 5 meters continuously. They not may to move in groups of more than 6 people.
It is expressly forbidden:
Drive the vehicle by unauthorized persons or  under 13 year old . Allocate freight vehicle. Use the vehicle for towing or pushing another vehicle. The vehicle to participate in races, competitions or challenges. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.. Vehicles can not leave town. Parking in unauthorized or sites in a dangerous position.

2. Returning Vehicle


The tenant will return the leased vehicle at the place and date stipulated and agrees to keep the vehicle and its equipment and tools in good working order. Barceloneta E-Bikes Rent, is fully authorized to remove the vehicle the lessee at any time, provided that there are reasons for not meeting the conditions of the contract.


3. Rental charges

The lessee agrees to pay.
Charges for the rental vehicle, deposits, delivery and collection, insurance, and taxes extra options identified in the current rate. The amount of compensation for damage caused to the vehicle in case of accident, the mistreatment of the vehicle by the renter. Traffic fines and costs for violations of applicable law rules of the road. The cost of the lack of some parts, battery and other accessories of the rented vehicle or optional extras. The days of stoppage of vehicle accident, breakdown or retention by public bodies, due to the negligence of the lessee at the rate of exchange rate rental vehicle.


4.Credit Card & Franchise


A credit card is required to enter into such contract. The customer can pay in cash, but a deposit franchise must be paid at the beginning of the rental by credit card, debit card or cash. This amount will be returned upon completion of the contract in full if no damage and the date and time set.


5.Insurance, liability and accident


The tenant is responsible for penalties, fines, lawsuits, incurred by the tenant, as well as court costs arising. Barceloneta E-Bikes Rent, is exempted from liability arising in the crash, even in the event of breakage due to mechanical parts. The liability of the lessee in respect of damage to the vehicle is limited in case of accident to a franchise at the rate in force. In case of accident, theft or fire, even partial, the lessee is obliged to communicate in a maximum of one hour from the occurrence of the same Barceloneta E-Bikes Rent. Get data from the other party and any witnesses cumplimentándolo a party sent to Barceloneta E-Bikes Rent, within 1 hours after the accident.
Immediately notify the authorities, if the guilt of the other party should be investigated or if people are injured. Not leave the vehicle rented without measures necessary to protect you.


Insurance does not cover:
Accidents caused by the influence of alcohol and / or drugs. Drivers who are unreported in the contract. Broken windows, broken tires, punctures, tires or chassis. The damage to the vehicle resulting from uneven or bad road conditions or damage caused by driving The damage caused outside the term of the contract. The objects carried in the vehicle. Barceloneta E-Bikes Rent, declines all responsibility for injury or property damage caused by the vehicle rental if the tenant has deliberately supplied Barceloneta E-Bikes Rent, inaccurate information concerning your identity, address or validity of his license or documentation. Damage caused to the underside of the vehicle and improper use. Loss costs, break, return of keys of the vehicle, or any other situation in which the vehicle will stall for reasons attributable to the lessee. Error while refueling or charging the battery with leads and expenses (crane, labor …)

Renting a vehicle means taking responsibility for any damage caused to the vehicle. The vehicle is valued up to 1500 €, if the user is free to take out insurance for 10 € to reduce their liability and vehicle up to a maximum of 300 €. If the user produces contracts for insurance and vehicle damage should bear the first 300 €.
In case you have not purchased the policy (Insurance), the user must bear the entire cost of repair or replacement, to a maximum of € 1,500.


6.Quantifying frequent damage


  • € 40: Lost or broken lock. Loose of helmet
  • € 50:Damaged or punctured wheel.
  • € 70: Damaged Seat. , broken lights, LCD sreen demages, damage or loss of fender, brake lever braking, damage on switches lighting system, horn, ignition.
  • € 70: Scratches on the frame, fork and swing arm
  • € 100: lost or broken Key, deformed or broken rim.
  • € 300: Break in rear swing arm, fork, handlebar, serious engine damage.
  • € 700: Serious damage to the chassis (deformed or broken)
  • € 1500: Vehicle stolen or disappeared (not within the insurance)